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5 years ago I founded Cokoljana (chocoliana) the chocolate festival of Ljubljana. Organizing it I found out about the situation in the cacao plantation in unfair chains. I started to cooperate with the fairtrade organization and went deep in the field of chocolate and coffee. For the last 4 years, I was changing my shopping habits and cooperating with different organizations in the field of sustainability, fair-trade chains, garbage, zero-waste options, exotic fruits and others.

I strongly believe that we can solve local and global problems just by implementing easy ethical changes in our shopping habits.
I enjoy helping people to develop new solutions, projects, and startups. Something I did being a mentor to young students and entrepreneurial events.

I lived in 4 countries and I speak 4 languages. I love to network and to learn from people with different cultures, habits, and experiences. I like chat with people from different backgrounds, break myths and stereotypes!

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