Italian Dinner In The Heart Of Utrecht

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Meal Dinner
3  hour(s)
2 - 4  Person(s)



You will be welcomed to our house with a drink (wine or soft drink according to your preference). After some chatting and getting to know each other, we are ready to start the dinner.

The starter is a classic Caprese salad, which resembles the colors of the Italian flag: juicy tomatoes for the red, fresh mozzarella for the white and basil to complete the dish with a touch of green.

As a main course we will enjoy one of my favorite dishes, a risotto recipe that I learned from my father. Risotto is a traditional northern Italian rice dish cooked in broth to a creamy consistency. It also takes butter, wine, some onion and a touch of love to get to a mouth filling taste. Other ingredients such as sea food, vegetables or cheese will be added according to the season. Please let me know if you have a dietary restriction.

And last but not least a refreshing dessert of vanilla ice cream topped with delicious limoncello.

Buon appetito!

35 per person
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