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Meal Dinner, Other
3  hour(s)
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In an atmospheric home studio with candle light and beautiful damask set tables guests will dine between my art. Between the courses I show you my magisterial world and will tell you about my art. I also give a unique look behind the scenes at how I draw my vectors on the computer and manufacture my fine art.
If you like to dine with me or with a group (till 15 persons) in a private setting at my home studio (in summertime in sunset at the beautiful quay) or you want to have more information about different possibilities, please don’t hesitate to book me. Looking forward meeting you! -Petra

If you prefer another menu on a specific date please send me a request.
Splendid art tours included dine & wine’ available:
-Art Studio Supper: Sea Bass
-Art Studio Supper: Chicken
-Art Studio Supper: Filet Mignon
-Seafood Art Dinner

86 per person

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