Walking Tour Through The Centre Of Barcelona

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2  hour(s)
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An exciting mixture of ancient history, modern architecture, hipster bars, gothic churches, food markets, Gaudí, hidden streets with their legends and ice cream in the shape of Columbus pointing finger, Barcelona has it all!

Carola will take you on a very personal tour through her beloved city, strolling through neighborhoods like Raval, where old and new go hand in hand, Gothic, where Roman remains are still to be admired and Born, a trendy part of town with small, original shops and lots of tapas bars. She will adjust the tour entirely on your wishes, interests, mood, appetite or on the kids and make sure you get that authentic Barcelona feeling. So it’s also possible that you end up jumping on a tube to get to lesser known areas, like Gracia, to do some square hopping or check out a hidden Gaudí house. And who knows … she might sing a Spanish love song for you!

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