Topic What Is For Hosts?

When you’ve decided to become a MeetJune host, then this is the section where you can find all necessary information to properly manage your experiences, reservations and payouts.

Below we outline where to find and how For Hosts works: 

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on your profile name or profile picture in the top-right corner. In the menu that unfolds you click on Dashboard
  3. In the left column you see For Hosts. When you hover over it a menu unfolds. The menu gives you the option to manage:
  • Experiences – Here you will find all the experiences that you offer by name, type, the amount of bookings per experience, the status of the experience (the completed steps), view (to see what your experience looks like to others) and edit (to edit your experience)
  • Create An Experience

Step 1 – Sign up

Before you’re able to create an experience you first need to sign up. The easiest way to sign up is via Facebook or Google. This will automatically complete part of your profile and will generate more trust towards travelers that want to book your experience. If not, you can sign up with your email address. We guarantee to never let anyone have access to your Facebook or Google account. You can also control the information that you provide to MeetJune via your privacy settings on Facebook.

Step 2 – Verify your account

Once you’ve signed-up you will receive an email to verify your account.

Step 3 – Create an experience

The next step is that you need to create an experience. We strongly advise you to come up with an appealing and complete description and some great photos. When your experience is ready you can submit it to our website so that it will be visible for travelers from around the world.

  • My Reservations – Reservations will tell you everything about the reservations you’ve received as a host. When you click on it you get to see a Calendar and List:

Calendar. Which gives you a clear overview of the bookings received as a host or made as a traveler.

List. List is divided into:

  1. This is the ID reservation number
  2. This is the experience that the traveler booked
  3. This is the type of experience that the traveler booked
  4. Traveler(s). Here we show the profile picture of the traveler so that you can easily recognize him/her when the experience takes place
  5. This is the status of the experience divided into pending, approved and cancelled
  6. Here we show the start/end date/time of the experience. As well you can see the time zone in which the experience takes place
  7. Divided into:

Rating – Here you can rate the experience via a star rating system (1* avoid – 2* bad – 3* acceptable – 4* good – 5* exceptional)

View – Here you can view the booking details. 

Messages – Messages will you give the option to contact the traveler whenever you have questions about the experience you booked  

  • Payouts – Here you can add/edit your payment method as well see the payouts that have been released by MeetJune. We release payouts to hosts between 24 and 48 hours after the experience is completed but the time it takes to receive a payout after it’s released depends on the payout method you’ve selected.

Payout method. Important! When entering details for a payout method, please pay special attention to make sure that the information you enter is correct and without errors. We will never ask for your payout information directly and your information will be stored securely.

When you’re done adding/editing, please click on the save button, your changes are saved automatically.

Payouts. Here you can view the details of your payouts divided into:

  1. Payout ID. This is the sum up of payouts released by MeetJune
  2. Order ID. This is the ID of the experience
  3. Product ID. This is your specific ID experience
  4. Divided into: 1. Paid – The payout is processed and 2. Due – Your payout is still pending
  5. Amount. The amount displays the total amount you’ve earned

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