FAQ How should the description of my experience look like?

Planning your experience is very important and will generate more bookings. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect experience:

  • Have good pictures. Pictures are one of the key elements which will draw the traveler’s attention.
  • Come up with a good description of your experience. The description is the second most important element of your listing and it has to be done right. You should try to avoid grammatical errors or typos, write clearly and make sure the experience sounds attractive to the traveler, encouraging them to book your experience. Remember that the first thing that the traveler sees when he/she enters the site is the title of your experience, so the title must be striking, attractive and designed to convince the traveler that your experience is the one for them.
  • Describe yourself. You can upload a picture to your profile so that travelers associate your name with a face and feel closer to you. Often, travelers prefer to book experiences with hosts that share similar interests, so we recommend including some personal information.
  • Make sure to put in the right availability. If you put in your correct availability, you won’t have to reject many requests and this will help you get better reviews, ratings and get a better position in the search results.
  • Set an appropriate price. The price you charge for your experience is completely up to you. If you want to set the right price for your experience, the first thing you should do is take a look around on our site to see what others offer and charge.

As well you can think of:

  • The costs of the experience: food, transportation, amenities of your home and/or any other extras can be built in to the price.
  • Your time. How much is your time worth?
  • Keep in mind that there are fellow hosts that can offer the same type of experience as the one you are offering. Therefore, price competition between hosts within one category is likely to happen as we are an open community. It`s therefore best to start off with an introductory price that is competitive so you can get bookings and reviews and that allows you to get a steady stream of customers. Then you will be in the position to raise your price.
  • Ask travelers to write reviews on your experiences. The more positive reviews the better. You will appear in the first search results on the site and more travelers will choose your experience. If a traveler is satisfied with the experience, don’t hesitate to ask them to post a review of your experience.

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