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¡Vamos a la playa! Let’s go to the beach in Barcelona

MeetJune, Meet:Annebeth by Vis
December 21, 2016

¡Vamos a la playa! Let’s go to the beach in Barcelona. One of the great things about Barcelona is the coastline and its city beaches. After a hot day of sightseeing, museum hopping, shopping and walking around, there’s nothing more refre   […]

Barcelona’s coffee culture: all the ins and outs

MeetJune, Meet:Annebeth by Vis
July 04, 2016

Spain is a coffee country par excellence, and Barcelona is no exception. Locals don’t usually have their coffee at home and many don’t even own a coffee machine, but they do have their daily dose of caffeine in a bar or on a terrace. The   […]

El Born: the neighbourhood where Barcelona’s locals hang out

MeetJune, Meet:Annebeth by Vis
May 30, 2016

One of the most popular neighborhoods in Barcelona, both among travelers and locals, is without a doubt El Born (or El Borne). This barrio can be found in the Old City’s district and is known for its charming medieval streets, laid-back atmosphere,   […]

Take the ferry and fall in love with industrial Noord

MeetJune, Meet:Liselore by Stap
May 25, 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam-Noord (North): for a long time the outcast of the city, now the place to be. Separated from the rest of Amsterdam by a big canal, this part of town feels different. As if you enter another city as soon as the ferry docks on the other side o   […]

Getting around in the City of Bikes

MeetJune, Meet:Liselore by Stap
April 13, 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands

With more bikes than inhabitants, Amsterdam is often referred to as the capital of bikes. I can’t imagine the city without its iconic mode of transportation, but sometimes I ...

A comprehensive guide to the best off-the-beaten-track things to do in Buenos Aires

MeetJune, Meet:Daniel by Tunnard
March 03, 2016

Go to Tigre Go to Tigre, but go to the real Tigre. As a tourist, you’re most likely to follow the tip to go to Tigre and end up going to the dreadful Mercado de Frutas on a Sunday and wander round stalls selling garden furniture with The Godfather   […]

Seven buses to show you the real Buenos Aires

MeetJune, Meet:Daniel by Tunnard
February 08, 2016

You’ve now been in Buenos Aires long enough to move away from that nervous clinging to the tourist-friendly subte (never a good look), buy or most likely be bought a Guía “T” and start to work out what the hell all these boxes with numbers in   […]

Practical tips for visiting Istanbul

MeetJune, Meet:Kristin by Larson
February 08, 2016
Istanbul, Turkey

Where to stay Most travelers stay in Sultanahmet in order to be close to the tourist attractions, but after the attractions close, there isn’t too much to do in the area. That’s why I always recommend staying in central Beyoğlu for the best expe   […]

Getting to know the Amsterdammers

MeetJune, Meet:Liselore by Stap
February 05, 2016

A wise man once said: ‘the traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see’. I obviously agree with the writer in question, but I think it goes even further than that. How about the people, the ‘who he seesR   […]

Palermo: BA’s gastronomic quarter

MeetJune, Meet:Remi by Lehman
January 29, 2016
Santa Coloma de Cervelló, Argentina

“Damnit Palermo, You’ve got me dry and ill”, sang famous tango hero Carlos Gardel in 1929. He had every reason to be upset, as he regularly gambled away his money at the Hipódromo, Palermo’s majestuous horse racing venue. Nowadays, Buenos Ai   […]